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Welcome to Transcendent Souls Illuminated LLC

Guiding the Light Within

 Lightworker Activation and Mentorship

Animal Reiki

Energy Healing

Animal Connection and Communication

Guidance for Empathic Teens and Adults

Oracle/ Spiritual Guidance


Tanya is an incredible spiritual mentor and activator. I first saw her as a veterinarian and was able to witness the difference in her lightwork, Reiki namely, made with our sickest rescue bunnies. She helped me develop my own skill set as a healer; I didn't know I was able to access and harness energy in that way, but Tanya saw the ability in me and guided me to pull it out. It is incredible to see how her ability to communicate with animals leads her to the human soul in need. I have received invaluable light codes from Tanya that have allowed me to connect with my higher self, see my self-worth as a soul, directly descend from Source and my own power. I unveil something new about myself and the universe each time I talk to her.

Rebecca Bernado
President EBC Rescue
Music teacher
/Professional Trombonist

Tanya is a truly remarkable woman.  Her gifts as an Oracle & Animal Communicator, Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide are only surpassed by her genuine Heart-led desire to be of service to others.  As her mentor I’ve had the honour of witnessing her transformation as she has stepped onto this path and fully claimed her powerful abilities.  She is a person of the highest integrity, led by her Heart and here to spread Light.  She is patient, kind and compassionate, and she makes it easy for others to be their true, honest selves, without fear of judgement.  Her guidance is clear, accurate and inspiring.  Just being in Tanya’s presence is like receiving a magical activation.  She is doing the work of the Divine, fulfilling her Soul’s purpose and the world is a brighter place for it.

Amy Belair

Host Third Eye Awakening Podcast, Priestess, Oracle, Mentor, Channel and Akashic Activator

"A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who helps you to find the key within you, for your own ability to heal."


Healing Stones
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Image by Tim Mossholder

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