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Angel statue

Spiritual Mentorship and Activation

At this time, so many people are awakening to a higher calling, a sense of purpose, and to the light inside of them. Whether you are empathic, intuitive, a starseed, a healer, a lightworker, expanding your consciousness, feel you are here to a reason, or need guidance on the path to your higher self, I am here for you. Together we can work on healing trauma, confronting fear, shedding density and the illusion of separateness, calibrating to your highest timeline and your mission. You are unique and it is a beautiful gift. Let me help you transcend this dimension and remember who you are and how to navigate this shift by reclaiming your personal power. 


Oracle and Intuitive Guidance

In this session you will receive intuitive wisdom, insight and connection through claircognizance and clairsentience guidance. We can explore and navigate your path and purpose, identify energetic blockages or things standing in the way of your highest timeline and activation of your mission. Unlock your divine connection and the divinity within you.


Animal Reiki, Communication and Healing

Animals connect with us through the heart chakra/portal. There is energy that flows multi-directionally between you and your beloved pet. Learn how to open the channel of communication. As an animal communicator and reiki practitioner, I can help you form a stronger bond with your animal. Communication and healing require us to shed lower frequency emotional states and feelings that can negatively affect the pets you love and your ability to connect. Most animals choose to siphon off emotional and physical pain from their owners.  Learn how animal communication works and change the flow of energy to heal them as they have healed you. 

Image by Alexander Grey
Healing Therapy

Energy Healing and Spiritual Hygiene

Do you feel like you are running on empty, discouraged, lack motivation, feel clouded, suffer from chronic illness, depressed or feel blocked energetically? Reclaim your energy, illuminate your heart and activate your potential. In times of pain and trauma we can unknowingly collect negative energy, negative thought forms, entities and blockages. It is important to clear this accumulated density from your body and energy field. After we work to clear and align you to maximize your highest potential, learn how to connect with universal life force to heal yourself. Learn the necessities of spiritual hygiene for cleansing and clearing your aura and your energetic body. Clear access to your direct connection to divine source and the love and healing of the earth. Let me show you the way to your own healing.


 Teen Guidance-Free Initial Session

There are so many teens and adolescents struggling right now. Anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, loss of motivation and loss of interest and connection with people and activities once loved. Some are so lost that they feel helpless, worthless and struggle to carry on. If traditional approaches have not been successful in reaching your teen, and my story and mission resonate with you, let me help. I saved my own child's life after countless years of testing, medication, therapy, and doctors could not. These empathic and sensitive souls need help understanding and unveiling the beauty of their own light buried underneath fear, programming, distraction, trauma and unrealistic expectations in this world. It is there, I promise you.

Healing Stones

Crystals and Healing

Learn which crystals resonate with your energetic blueprint to support optimal health, healing and transcendence. Use crystals to open and support your chakras, maintain a high vibration, assist with transmutation, support intuition and much, much more. Each crystal has a unique geometry and vibration. Come into alignment with the help of crystals and crystal grids for you, your loved ones and your animals. 

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