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Image by Igor Kasalovic
Tanya Battiston, DVM

Lightworker, Oracle, Mentor, Awakening Coach, Veterinarian, Animal Communicator and Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer, Teacher

Awakening To Divine Purpose

After suffering multiple traumatic medical conditions in early 2021, I was faced with losing my ability to do most everything I loved, including working as a veterinarian. After trying to return to work several times, without success, I fell into a deep state of despair. I had defined my worthiness by what I could heal, treat, create and plant. It continued, unabated, for many weeks until the morning that absolutely everything changed. My soul had awakened to unity consciousness, awareness, a complete feeling of abundance, stillness, gratitude, and a light inside of me that had turned on so brightly it could not be ignored. I saw my suffering as a gift. It became grace. It was my teacher. I had awakened to my connectedness with God, the universe and the mission my soul was here to complete. I was here in service, a living portal of light to lead others into transformation of pain and powerlessness to activation and abundance.

I spent the next several years aligning, clearing, healing and worked with amazing mentors to unlock my highest potential.  I know firsthand how important it is to have someone who understands the mission. Being empathic can be a superpower. Yes, there is inner and shadow work required to hold light while navigating through a world still very much held in the illusion of separateness. Consciousness expansion occurs when you change your mindset to mindfulness, gratitude, love and abundance.

For more than 25 years as a veterinarian, I have witnessed the beautiful and deep energetic connection and love that is shared between humans and animals. The purposeful and selfless role of animals in our lives has the potential to open our hearts and heal us as we begin to see ourselves through their loving eyes. Animals have taught me countless lessons and have shown me the kind of love that can radiate out enough to heal another's heart and reach them in a place not previously aware or available. I was finally living through my heart and this grace cleared the way for me to communicate with animals. That was just the beginning.

Once you learn the ways to reconnect to your own Divinity, separateness becomes an illusion, healing is initiated, and your potential is limitless. You begin to see the beauty within everything. Pain and wounds become lessons that accelerate growth and transformation. Joy, gratitude and love become the mindset of infinite potential.

My mission is to help you come into your highest potential and manifest your highest timeline. If you are reading this you are probably a lightworker, an awakened soul, a Starseed, an empath or someone lead here for guidance on your journey. I can help you.

Most sensitive and psychically aware individuals have difficult lives. They are so tremendously sensitive to the suffering within and around them. They need nurturing, guidance, support and love to grow into healing. I raised an empathic child. I witnessed the pain that can be experienced by feeling absolutely everything and not being grounded enough to know your pain, anxiety and fear from that of others. It can be suffocating. You no longer have to feel powerless, alone or separate. Your light body yearns to be seen. We all have one. Whatever is holding you back is a mere distraction, an illusion. Let me help you on your journey back to your true self. 

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