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Free Session for Teens

My passion is to help teens understand themselves, their unique gifts and the light inside of them.

  • 1 h
  • Grosvenor Place

Service Description

When all traditional routes and mainstream practices for helping my struggling teen were exhausted, and my child was still suffering, I needed to change my lens of awareness. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, neuropsychologists, medical doctors, and decades of medication trials were not effective at reaching my son or having lasting solutions. Yet, I would not give up. I prayed for his happiness. I prayed for his healing. My son was empathic, like many, many other others at this time. The beautiful light within him was being painfully stifled by feeling too much of the collective pain and struggles of everyone and everything around him. It was debilitating. Through love, nourishment, support, energetic alignment, protection, gratitude and my gifts as a healer and lightworker, I reached him. At nearly 19, he is living his highest timeline. He is happy. He has found himself and his own light. Let me help your struggling teen through alternative methods. It is my calling to serve, my passion to open hearts and my desire to help struggling youth. They yearn to be seen and understood and to understand themselves.

Contact Details

  • 5 Grosvenor Place, Farmington, CT, USA

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